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Hello everyone, my name is Amanda Chung. I am a Malaysian student from Kota Kinabula, Sobah. I am currently a freshman in the Arts Management department at Shu- Te University. To begin, I would like to thank the Sabah Taiwan Alumni Association for helping me get admitted to the Arts Management department at Shu-Te University. Shu-TeUniversity is among one of the best schools in Taiwan that offers an Arts Management course which includes areas of expertise such as visual arts and art curating. I was attracted to the Arts Management department because I realized that I was able to learn various skills in this field as well as effective problem solving skills as an individual and a teammate. One of the best features about STU is the number of clubs and after school activities that the school has to offer. As a student in the arts management department, we are encouraged to join all kinds of different events throughout campus. For example, students can participate in monthly group exhibitions and community service opportunities. Through these events, students are about the learn about the importance of collaboration amongst a group of people. I’m so grateful to the faculty and students at STU who have influenced my creativity and broaden by perspective of the world around me. With so many inspirational things around me, I’ve completely forgotten about feeling homesick. Ultimately, I would say that I made the right choice in studying at Shu-Te University. I’m sure after my 4 years, I’ll graduate as a student with a bright future and a deeper appreciation for the world around me.


At first, I would like to say thank you to Sabah Taiwan Alumni Association for helping me to get into the course of Art Management at Shu-Te University. Moreover, Shu-Te University is the originate Taiwan university with Arts Management course connected with the art fields of expertise, visual arts, art curators as well.
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