International and Cross-Strait Affairs history of development and Organizational Structure



International and Cross-Strait Affairs history of development and organizational structure

The International and Cross-Strait Affairs office was formerly two separate divisions in the university, formerly called the Office of International Affairs and the Cross-Strait Cooperation Exchange.   A brief history of both divisions and how they merged to become one office is provided.


History of the Office of International Affairs

In 1998, this was originally called the Office of Technology Research and Development.  In 2000, an international relations division was set up and became an important service that focuses on international students and international correspondences with overseas universities.

From 2000 to 2003, the international relations division dealt mostly with cross-strait exchanges and international affairs.  Since 1994, with encouragement and leadership from the Ministry of Education, Shu-Te has been establishing practical ties with universities and institutes from South-East Asia.  In 2010, with greater focus and attention to international students and international collaborations, Shu-Te University put greater emphasis on the international divisions to greater serve the university and the students.

One of the missions of the International Affairs Office is to promote international education for greater knowledge and understanding for our international students. We place immense emphasis on our student’s well-being and education to promote a stimulating environment on and off campus.  Another mission of the International Affairs Office is to promote academic exchange and to strengthen international collaboration.  Shu-Te University is committed to understanding and providing an environment to give students an advantage in the work force after graduation.  Thus, with the modern responsibilities and concerns of global interaction with the increasing number of international students, the Office of International Affairs merged with the International Education division to form the International Cooperation Division.


History of the Cross-Strait Affairs Office

In April of 2008, Shu-Te University established the Kinmen Preparatory Office to focus on the recruitment of international students from China.  As cross-strait academic exchanges required greater attention, the office was renamed the Cross-Strait Affairs Office.  In May 2011, the Kinmen Preparatory Office was merged with the above two sections for greater efficiency.


The Establishment of the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office

To integrate resources and to promote global interaction and cross-strait affairs, the two offices merged in 2013.  After the offices merged, the goals are to promote international recruitment and to enhance a high level, tailor-made academic environment to deepen and widen the modern concerns of the international and cross-strait exchange.  One of our core values is to promote global recognition and respect for all people and culture in an academic environment.  Here, we share our passion and enthusiasm for the services and courses that are offered to our students and community.