10 Advantages of Studying in Taiwan

★10 Advantages of studying in Taiwan

1. Due to its geographical location and superior academics, Taiwan is the best springboard towards new international experiences and goals.

2. Shared experiences of both sides of the strait, grants a global view

3. High employability for work in both Taiwan and China

4. Language and social similarities

5. Reasonable tuition rates

6. An open, relaxed learning atmosphere, personable staff and faculty

7. A pleasant place with stunning scenery, hospitable locals, low rates of crime

8. Democracy and Freedom

9. An opportunity to learn and use Traditional Chinese

10. Inexpensive goods and services


 ★10 advantages for choosing Shu-Te University

1. Offers degrees up to doctorate level, ranked on the sixth tier of international categories, parity with China’s 985 Engineering Schools.

2. IF Product Design ranked 8th (for comparison, Zhejiang Institute placed 3rd, China Academy of Art placed 19th).

3. 90% of the faculty possess a doctorate degree (with 100% having a doctorate degree), with a global view.

4. Journal publications on parity with those of China’s top 211 Engineering Schools.

5. Theory and practice weighted equally, to develop the best-rounded skills in our students.

6. Highly competitive in international competitions for design, engineering, IT, and other similar fields, due to high standards our students strive for.

7. A leading innovator in Taiwanese product design, increasing international interest.

8. Superior value for money spent: affordable yet high-quality tuition, lodgings, medical care.

9. Elite cultivation, aimed at improving the training and education of the motivated

10.Abundant activities, freedoms, and creativity