Foreign Student

♦ The Guideline in Appropriating Scholarship Funds for International Students
Shu-Te University
Approved in the 2nd Meeting of the Administrative Committee on March 14th, 2012
Approved in the 5th Meeting of the Administrative Committee on December 11st, 2013


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         pdficon_14x14 Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students


1. The guideline is accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education (MOE).
2. Eligibility for scholarship application is accordance with the definition of international students mentioned in the guideline, “MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”.
3. The duration of the scholarship: The award period shall not exceed four years for undergraduate program; two years for master program; or three years for PhD program. With approval, the duration may be extended for another one additional year.
4. The scholarship may be in the form of:

A. Subsidized school tuition or credit fee.
B. Subsidized accommodation expense or network fees in the dormitory.

5. Scholarship application procedure:

A. Qualification: the applicants, meeting the following requirements, may submit their annual scholarship applications:

a. the academic average grade must be above the passing grade in all semesters,
b. the conduct grades must be above 70 in all semesters,
c. there should be no record of misconduct, and
d. the registration process for the previous semesters should be completed.

B. Application period: All applications must be submitted by the date announced on OICA website.
C. Evaluation period: The application evaluating process starts within two weeks after the deadline of the application period. The head of the International and Cross-strait Affairs Committee will assign 3-5 committee members to evaluate the qualifications of the applicants.
D. Evaluation criterion: The evaluation consists of assessing the applicant’s academic performance, conduct grade and other supporting documents that provide evidence of an overall satisfactory assessment. The evaluation results need to be approved by the president of the university. Successful applicants will be awarded the scholarship for the next school year.
E. Evaluation results: The scholarship grantee list, along with the associated form and regulations of scholarship, will be announced on the OICA website. In addition, all applicants will be individually informed of the results by e-mail or text messaging.

6. The scholarship funding is primarily from the MOE. The OICA can support a part of the funding using the budget of the office if the MOE funding is insufficient.
7. Other related regulations that are not stipulated in these guidelines are subject to the MOE regulations regarding foreign students.
8. This guideline comes into effect upon the approval of the Administrative Committee. Amendments to this regulation should follow the same procedure.