【2 Days Left】106 School Year (2017-2018) 2nd Semester Scholarship Application

【2 Days Left】106 School Year (2017-2018)

2nd Semester Scholarship Application


Term:From 2017.12.15 till 2018.01.19 17:00 pm

Eligibility:Hong Kong & Macao Students / Overseas Students / Foreign Students

Mode: Online Application


1. The students who has awarded Shu Quen Award (書卷獎 means the students have outstanding Performance on study.) please email or offer your copy of certificate in person to international affairs office.

 2. If you have any problem while you using the application system, please email or find the scholarship person in charge: Ms. Alice Chen. You may also email your question to email: oica@stu.edu.tw

3. Please make sure to finish the application before the deadline. We will not accept the application which is beyond the time limit. 

4. Please login the system again and double check if there are the letters of【106二 待審查】shown on the screen (please see below picture). If not, please apply again. If the situation is still the same, please send email to oica@stu.edu.tw.




~ Please check attached Application Flow Chart~


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